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The partners

Тhe Association INVENTTIVNOST Radovish was established in 2011 by experienced economists and lawyers in their fields. The main objectives of the Association are the economy and social policy in the country, development of cross border cooperation between Macedonia and neighboring countries, education, promotion and protection of human rights and raising holy youth about the benefits of education.

As a result of the successful operation of the Association for fulfilling one of the goals is this project for cross-border cooperation with Bulgaria.

Kauzi Foundation – branch Dupnitsa
Kauzi Foundation was established in 2009 with the main objective to promote youth entrepreneurship. In this regard, it organized in four consecutive years (2010 to 2013) Youth Entrepreneurial Marketplace. Within the Marketplace annually enterprising youths with business or social ideas between 15 and 29 years with and without disabilities receive free advice on business planning, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, communication with investors. As a result of these consultations, young people develop a business plan, which is after that presented to potential investors. The Foundation manages one of three youth information and counseling centers in Sofia and has its branches in Dupnitsa, Rousse and Haskovo.

In 2014, Kauzi Foundation is a leading partner projects with organizations from Macedonia and Serbia, thanks to which the Marketplace will be presented as good practice outside Bulgaria.

Optimist Foundation
The Foundation for cultural and intellectual development "Optimist" was established in 2012 by a group of young enthusiasts with experience in newspapers. The purpose of the organization is to become a bridge and improve communication between people, between people and businesses, between businesses and business. Good communication leads to better and correct relations, mutually beneficial deals and increased economic growth and living standards. In the short time of its existence the Foundation began issuing free newspapers in the four municipalities of Bansko Strumyani, Satovcha and Garmen in circulations of about 1200-2000 units.




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